Thursday, 19 May 2016

Ljubljana: The Legacy of Railway network in Slovenia

Ljubljana, the greenest city of the Europe, is also the capital of Slovenia, located at the middle of the trade route in between the Adriatic Sea and Danube Zone. The transport network of the city is truly extensive and large and providing a comprehensive transport facility for daily commuters and travelers. Among all the options, Ljubljana Railway service is the most efficient and inexpensive one. It is being operated by Ljubljana railway station. The railway station was opened on 18 April 1848. The railway system was the part of Austro-Hungarian Empire and also includes the construction of a new route from Vienna to Trieste. The railway building was renewed in 1980 under the supervision of renowned architecture Mako Music. As it was integrated part of European train system, European citizens are not required to show their passport while traveling with the Shengen Area. But visitors who came from outside the Europe needs to check their visa and entry permit for all the international journeys.


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