Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Abu Dhabi international airport

The largest airport in the capital city of UAE is known as Abu Dhabi international airport. The airport allows passengers to enter into the city. The airport handles both local and international flights serving millions of passengers at a single time. For the entrance and exit, there are three terminals available in the airport. You can easily pick a transport of your choice by passing through any of these terminals. This airport links every area of the city with the airport. The bus reaches to different routes throughout the city. There is a contract of different companies with the airport to provide desired transport services to the passengers. However, the fares of buses are not similar and mostly depend on the distance covered by each passenger. Many international passengers and tourists miss an underground train service outside the airport. However, the residents of Abu Dhabi don’t feel that there should be a Metro Train. They are highly satisfied with the bus services and their fares as well.


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