Monday, 25 January 2016


Kiev is the capital city of Ukraine. The largest airport of Ukraine is situated in Kiev with the name of Kyiv International Airport. It is considered as one of the largest airports in Europe. It doesn’t only serve public but also run flights for the military of Ukraine. The surroundings of airport are not based on numerous kinds of public transports. The two major sources of travelling into the city area or neighboring cities are taxis and train from the rail station (0.5 km away from the airport). Valsylikivska Metro station is a famous route where passengers go by taxis and travel to their respective cities. However, there is no Metro Train available in the airport. Their development is going to start in upcoming years and expected to be done by the year 2050. Currently, passengers can only travel through taxis or conventional train to reach their destinations. A long queue of taxis waits outside the airport because it is the only choice for many passengers who don’t want to travel in train.


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